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Take control of your obesity 
with modern medicine

A digital healthcare provider

The obesity schoool has simplified your care contact

Visiting a doctor and getting the right care can be a journey that for many is complicated.
We make it easier and you can get the help you need faster and more personally.
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Are you obese?

If you have a BMI of between 18.5 and 25, you are considered normal weight. Having a low BMI, below 18.5 is also not good for health and is called underweight. Here you can calculate your BMI.
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New modern medicines

When you undergo treatment with us for obesity, we can offer specialist medical care as an alternative to surgery.
Our medical team focuses primarily on promoting healthy lifestyle habits, including diet and exercise, as well as managing factors such as stress and sleep.
For some patients, medication can supplement treatment, especially since hunger often increases after weight loss.
These drugs are designed to reduce hunger and increase satiety, making it easier for patients to follow a balanced diet.

Changing lifestyles requires time, commitment and small incremental adjustments.
Our team works with structured lifestyle changes and sets long-term goals to promote a healthy lifestyle that can be maintained over time.



Doctor's visit

Our doctors are specialists with a focus on cardiovascular diseases and have extensive experience in obesity treatment. The obesity check makes it easier for you to get in direct contact with a doctor who understands your needs.

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We help and guide you through the entire process. Everything from health checks to doctor visits and treatment. You will receive a referral to a lab once you have undergone a health check. Everything is done digitally and you don't need to submit any test answers, we take care of it.

Who is behind the obesity check?

Aceso Care the company
behind the Obesitaskollen

At Aceso Care, we are passionate about giving you access to the very latest medical and scientific information regarding various diagnoses. We want you to have the tools and knowledge you need to take control of your health and feel better.

Questions and answers

How long do I have to take medicine for?
against obesity?

We know that obesity/obesity is a chronic disease. Unfortunately, when we go off our drugs, we often find ourselves back in the same place we were before we started. Our bodies once again begin to strive for their maximum weight. It is not dangerous to stop taking the medicine and then start again if we notice that we start to gain weight. Maybe some of us have changed our lifestyles, added more exercise and changed our diet, resulting in us reaching an energy balance when we reach a normal weight.

What are the side effects?


Because we use the body's own hormones, which have only been modified to not break down so quickly, the side effects are few and mild. In the larger studies we have conducted, there is a relatively equal number of side effects between placebo and semaglutide. The side effects are most common at the beginning of the treatment, which is why we gradually increase the dose. We may experience nausea, gas and diarrhea, a little gastritis or constipation, but with the support of a dietitian we can usually avoid most of these symptoms.

Who can receive treatment with us
at the obesity clinic?


Everyone between the ages of 18-75 has the opportunity to receive treatment. 
Answer our health questions to see if they are suitable for treatment with us. We never provide drug treatment for pregnant, lactating or those planning to become pregnant within 2 months. The most common drugs are also not prescribed for certain diseases, such as, for example, type 1 diabetes.

Who can get medicine for obesity from us at the obesity clinic?


Currently, there are four drugs that are approved for the treatment of obesity in adults in Sweden.

These drugs are recommended for obesity (BMI ≥ 30 kg/m2) or overweight (BMI ≥ 27 kg/m2) if there are complications or risk factors. It can include high blood pressure, elevated blood fats, increased blood sugar, atherosclerosis or sleep apnea syndrome.

Can I get treatment if I
was previously overweight but has
reached my normal weight now?


Medicines can also be used to maintain weight loss, such as for those who have previously suffered from severe obesity and managed to lose weight, either through their own efforts with diet or through bariatric surgery. These drugs can also be an alternative for those who have used other methods and achieved significant weight loss.

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