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The obesity clinic, part of AcesoCare

We live in a time when development and knowledge are renewed rapidly. Since the pandemic, medication and health care have changed radically

Aceso Care is an innovative company that is passionate about promoting modern medicines and the latest science in healthcare. With a passion for improving people's lives, Aceso Care constantly strives to introduce breakthrough treatments and therapies to address the most challenging health issues.

Obesitas är en kronisk sjukdom som måste behandlas

Our mission

At the core of Aceso Care's mission is a deep understanding that the medical world is constantly evolving. By embracing new technology, research and innovation, the company strives to be at the forefront of medical development.

Aceso Care understands that every advancement in medical science represents not only an opportunity for better treatments, but also a promise of hope for patients struggling with various health challenges.

Obesitas vård med människan i centrum

What we value

A central pillar of Aceso Care's work is to collaborate with leading researchers, doctors and experts in various medical disciplines. By building strong partnerships, the company can ensure that their treatments are scientifically robust and clinically effective.

This collaboration also enables a faster and smoother transfer of new scientific knowledge from the laboratory to the patient's bedside.

Fetma, Obesitas och medicinsk viktnedgång.


Security and privacy

To protect patients' personal information and privacy, Aceso Care also takes strict measures to ensure data security and compliance with privacy laws and regulations. This includes secure data storage methods, encryption techniques and access controls to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information.



Transparency is critical to trust in medical care. Aceso Care prioritizes transparency by sharing information about treatments, risks and results to create trust and understanding between patients and the care units. This promotes an open dialogue and makes patients feel more involved in their own care.


Innovation & growth

Growth and innovation are at the heart of Aceso Care's quest to improve medical care. By constantly seeking new methods, technologies and treatments, the company works towards offering more effective and more advanced solutions to meet patients' needs. This passion for innovation enables not only improved results but also new opportunities for healing and health.


Team Work

Teamwork is the heart of Aceso Care's success. By bringing together different skills and perspectives, we work together to create groundbreaking medical solutions and offer optimal care to each individual.


A company for everyone

Aceso Care strives to reach and serve different social groups, cultures, languages and demographics. We recognize that health is universal and that every individual deserves access to care that is culturally competent, linguistically accessible and tailored to their unique needs. By being diverse and inclusive in our accessibility, we strive to ensure that no one is left out and that everyone can benefit from our medical innovations and services.



Our experience with doctors and specialists in the fields of cardiology and obesity is profound and multifaceted. Through collaboration with world-leading experts in these disciplines, we have been able to develop and implement effective treatment methods and programs to manage cardiovascular disease and obesity. This collaboration gives us unique insight and expertise that we use to tailor our medical solutions and provide the best possible care to our patients.

Meet The Team



With a reputable medical team that has extensive experience in cardiology and obesity, Obesitaskollen and Aceso Care are the obvious choices for your health-related journey. With decades of combined experience and expertise, we have fine-tuned our ability to offer the highest quality, tailored care.

We understand that each individual is unique and take a holistic approach to each patient's needs and goals. By integrating advanced technology with our deep understanding of medical needs and patients' emotional well-being, we strive not only to treat disease, but to promote long-term sustainable health.

Our passion for making a real difference in people's lives drives us to continuously explore new methods and research findings to improve our patients' quality of life. With us, you can be sure that you will receive the caring and experienced support you need on your journey to health and well-being.

Specialistläkare har rätt kompetens för obesitas


Diet & Nutrition

Prominent dietitians and experts in diet and nutrition specialize in areas such as cardiology, obesity and innovative healthy lifestyles.


Through a holistic approach and ground-breaking research, they aim to improve individual well-being through tailored nutritional plans and support for a sustainable healthy lifestyle. These are what complete our business.

Övervikt och diet

Those that are primarily within the area


We only choose to collaborate with the research experts who are pioneering in the field, with a focus on understanding the causes behind obesity and developing effective treatments.

This applies to experts & doctors as well as researchers. Development is moving at breakneck speed and our mission is to provide you with the best of the best.

It's not just a "quick fix"


Lifestyle researchers who are leaders in their field and focus on understanding and developing effective strategies to promote healthy behaviors and lifestyles to combat obesity. They should be part of our offer and have an important role in not only offering a good start, but a sustainable lifestyle


Training and fitness

The range of exercise experts and fitness researchers is and has been large for decades. But few are leading the way in developing effective exercise programs and strategies to improve fitness and promote healthy lifestyles in the fight against obesity. Now that new methods are being introduced and new medications are helping you get started, it's becoming clearer who has a healthy and modern view of exercise and fitness in relation to obesity. We work with those who can and have what you and we require.


Sleeping and resting

In addition to medication, diet and exercise, sleep is a decisive factor. Our body fuses in harmony with all these components, therefore we have chosen to constantly work with sleep and rest researchers who are pioneering in understanding the connection between sleep, rest and obesity. By developing effective strategies to improve sleep quality and promote healthy rest behaviors, they contribute to the fight against obesity.

We answer the phone

Real people who answer

Our team of dedicated healthcare professionals strives not only to treat disease, but to create meaningful and sustainable changes in people's lives. We are here to listen, support and guide you through every step of your journey to health and wellness, and together we fight obesity and a balanced lifestyle that supports your long-term health.

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